• A Student’s personal grooming is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents. Parents must ensure that their child comes to school in clean and neat uniform.
  • Students in untidy or incorrect uniforms will be warned and disciplined and the same noted in the personal grooming page in the diary.
  • Boys must wear an inner vest with their shirts/T-shirts and girl’s students should wear an inner slip/petticoat with all uniforms.
  • Students must clip their nails and have well-groomed hair; short in the case of boys. Streaked hair and fancy hairstyles are not permitted.
  • Gold Jewellery, ornaments or make up (mehendi, nail polish etc.) is not permitted.
  • The ID Card must be worn on all school days. If ID card is lost new one will be given on payment of Rs. 100/-
  • On Birthdays, students are encouraged to ‘Gift a Book’ in remembrance of their birthdays. A new book on varied topics with student’s name/class can be donated to the school library which will be of use to many, for years to come. No colour dress is permitted on birthdays.
  • Students are permitted to distribute only toffees or chocolates on their birthdays. No gifts, cakes or treat will be allowed.
  • Students should not bring valuable items or cash to school.
  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, electronic gadgets or wear expensive watches, gold chains etc.
  • Watches to be worn by students from Std. IX and X only.
  • No fancy watches to be worn by students of Std. IX and X.
  • Students must behave in a disciplined and orderly manner at all times. Students must apply themselves fully to the teaching, training and instructions provided here.
  • Respond positively to the teachers, follow their guidance and carry out the instruction and assignments given by them.
  • Take part in all the activities and programs provided by the school- Such as Academic, Co-curricular, Sports, Annual day, Excursions, Field trips etc...
  • Students must show respect and be responsible towards school property. In case of any damage or loss caused by student, the cost of repair or replacement of the property will be recovered from the student and parents are responsible for the same.
  • Students are not permitted to enter the staff rooms and administrative rooms without permission.
  • Students must show respect and courtesy towards fellow students at all times. Use of indecent language and bad mannerisms will be dealt with seriously.
  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, ipods etc. If found, it will be confiscated and punitive action will be taken.
  • Students are not permitted to enter other classes except with the permission of the teacher concerned.
  • Students must adhere to the school bell timings and be present in the class on time. Students should not be found outside the class without permission.
  • Students must move in the school corridors in orderly lines, maintaining silence.
  • All students must bring their lunch with them. Food/books or other items cannot be delivered to the students by the parents or request made to the school staff to hand over to the student.
  • Students must have their snacks in their classrooms only.
  • Students must bring a napkin and spoon along with their snacks/lunch.
  • The classrooms must be kept neat and care should be taken that food is not spilt on tables or floor.
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