Phase I: [Standard I - IV]

Students go through a continuous and comprehensive evaluation and assessment with emphasis on specific parameters as summarized below:

  • Understanding and comprehension of concepts.
  • Participation in class discussions and interactions to demonstrate an understanding of content, relevance and application.
  • Academic attitude and Personality Development.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in all Co-Curricular activities such as Art and Craft, Music, Taekwondo and Yoga.
  • Children are directed to use a large variety of library resources and Internet to support the extensive curriculum.

Phase II: [Standard V - X]

After having a strong set foundation and a keen interest for learning students are streamed into an intense programme that motivates them to overall excellence. They are periodically assessed on the following parameters:

  • Co-Curricular activities.
  • In-Class activities and exercises.
  • Assignment test and Examinations.
  • Self-assessment and mentoring programmes.
  • Revision and special Input sessions.
  • Socially useful and productive work(SUPW) Besides the above, an interaction with the parents is maintained for timely feedback and input through periodic Parent Teacher Meetings.

After successful completion of every lesson in every subject, Lesson Test/Evaluation are implemented to check for understanding of the lesson.

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