An academic institute should stand for dreams, building of character and skills, and defining a person’s life. Of course, there are innumerable memories that one cherishes about the school- be it about the learning, or about the untold stories of the life lived together and beyond. There are bonds made for life, of friendship, and many of beyond too there are down falls, and hardships too, which extend to make the events only more interesting and treasured!.

The co-curriculum is given an equal footing in the life of a student to enable the child to grasp things as a whole, because students receive a much rounded education in this manner.

Co-curricular activities are important because even though they may not necessarily be a part of the core curriculum, yet they are important in giving young brains the ability to shape themselves to become a developed personality. Co-curricular activities are particularly good at providing opportunities for students to work in teams, to exercise leadership, and to take the initiative themselves. These experiences make students more attractive to universities and to potential employers.

001 Art and craft Club
002 Reading and Drama Club
003 Music Club
004 Social Science Club
005 Math Club
006 Life Skill/Communication skills
007 Nature Club
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