• If you are planning to admit your child to Little Stars - Montessori environment, we believe that before making a commitment to our House of children, parents should understand not only the Montessori philosophy but the way we work at Little Stars. For this we request parents to take a tour of the House of children and get acquainted with our school, so that they can observe our children at work and the materials in their environment.
  • Parents registering for Montessori must understand that their child would have to be with us till he/she is ready to take her Standard I entrance exam. It is not advisable to shift the child to a traditional school in between the levels as this would result in confusion for the child with regard to language.
  • Children should have completed two and a half years at the time of admission to be considered for acceptance.
  • Montessori transfer students are given first preference for admission.


  • Kindly send the child in School Uniform only.
  • Kindly send one extra pair of dress and two sets of inner wear in case of need.
  • Ensure that the child wear shoes and socks – No fancy slippers and shoes.
  • No jewellery, of any kind is permitted.
  • Be innovative in preparing your ward’s lunch/ snack box. Kindly send cooked food which includes a balanced diet, like- fruits, sprouts, salads, nuts etc.
    Do not send rice items and junk food like noodles, chips or chocolates. Send a spoon, cloth napkin and a half filled water bottle.
  • Class must not be disturbed during the school hours. Kindly wait near the gate till your ward comes out of the class.
  • Send a letter signed by you to the teacher if you want your ward to be picked up by anyone else. They should carry an ID card given by the school. Parents are to furnish all details of the person authorized by them to pick their ward. An authorization letter with ID proof must be submitted to the office, well ahead of time.
  • Please send back immediately any Little Stars Montessori material the child brings home by mistake or accidentally.
  • Parents can meet the concerned teacher only on the 1st and 3rd Saturday’s between 9.00 a.m to 11.00 a.m with prior appointment sent through the diary.
  • We help your child through phonetics, so avoid teaching letters at home.
  • If you observe any signs/ symptoms of illness, kindly avoid sending your child to school.
  • The School Diary of your ward must be sent everyday to school. If any note or leave has to be communicated, it must be entered in the same.
  • Kindly label all the belongings of the child – bag, cloth napkin, water bottle, shoes and socks.
  • Parents are to be in proper attire when dropping or picking of their ward at school.
  • Please note that late coming is not allowed and hence parents are to ensure that the child reaches the school by 8.25 a.m.
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